Cancer is not a death sentence


The Centre has a modern medical linear accelerator (UNIQUE) from one of the world’s leading manufacturer of linear accelerators (Varian Medical Systems). It enables the Centre perform a number of treatment techniques including 2D and 3D conformal radiation therapy, dynamic arc therapy, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT ) and Volumetric Arch Therapy (VMAT). Combining the leading-edge features of the Unique linear accelerator with the highly skilled professionals aid clinicians in delivering quality treatments and accurately managing day-to-day requirements in patient setup and positioning while minimising risk to surrounding healthy tissue.

The outstanding features that makes UNIQUE stand out are its portal imaging system (PortalVision) and the multileaf collimator (MLC) system. The PortalVision advanced imaging enables verification of patient position and treatment field size and shape. The PortalVision flat panel detector enables patient positioning using megavoltage (MV) images. Varian’s extensive experience with this solid state technology has resulted in a detector with superior radiation hardness and detector lifetime. The flat panel mounted on the robotic Exact® arm, can be moved remotely from the treatment console. The arm offers a unique movement range allowing imaging in almost every situation.

The Millennium MLC allows us to minimise radiation toxicity to normal healthy tissue and has been optimised to deliver a wide range of treatment modalities (3D conformal, IMRT and RapidArc) by offering accurate dose distributions, narrow beam penumbra, minimal inter-leaf leakage and high-intensity, high-resolution dosage.


Radiotherapy simulator is an essential tool for improving the quality of radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer patients. Major sub-systems in the radiotherapy simulator are gantry, collimator, x-ray tube, imaging unit, patient support/positioning system (couch), and remote control console.

The National Centre for Radiotherapy and Nuclear medicine has acquired a modern, fully digitised radiation therapy simulator (ACUITY by Varian Medical System) which has the capacity of mimicking more than one radiation treatment machine. Because of its versatility, time for treatment simulations for patients undergoing external beam radiation therapy has reduced drastically, contributing to the comfort of patients.


The MultiSource from Eckert & Ziegler is an HDR afterloader system designed for the entire range of HDR brachytherapy applications. The 40 Channel Support and the Channel Coding, as well as other features, allows the Centre to perform even complex implants, providing optimal treatment safety. The integrated In-Vivo Dosimetry System of the MultiSource afterloader saves space and makes handling more comfortable. The after loader is linked to the HDRplus, the treatment planning system, in the brachytherapy suit reducing overall treatment time per session.


The Flourostar Mobile Digital C-Arm is one of the equipment that makes our brachytherapy sessions smooth and quick. Its preview Collimation helps to reduce overall patient and staff dose through the ability to preview shutter/iris collimator positioning without an exposure.

To further reduce dose, the system allows users to easily select pre-defined fluoro mode for imaging anatomy at optimal mA and kV levels. It also has enhanced post-processing possibilities with a dual-side touchscreen interface, which gives the user all postprocessing functions at a glance making imaging very simple and fast.