Cancer is not a death sentence

Our Services: Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is a major component in the treatment of cervical cancer and other female gynaecological cancers in Africa. We offer High- Dose –Rate (HDR) intracavitary brachytherapy treatment with a multi- source HDR after loader and 3-D treatment planning.

Our brachytherapy suite is fitted with a comfortable stirrup bed for patient’s relaxation. The procedure is performed by well qualified oncologists with several years of experience in brachytherapy insertions. Oncology nurses provide the necessary counselling and support needed throughout the procedure.

We also offer Low –Dose- Rate (LDR) interstitial brachytherapy with Iodine 125 sources for prostate cancer. Our highly professional brachytherapy team of radiation oncologists, urologists, anaesthetists, medical physicists and nurses work efficiently together to ensure patient safety, comfort and improved outcome.